How to transfer cPanel accounts from another server?

This tutorial will show you how you can create FULL BACKUP and remotely upload this to your new server at CentrioHost. The server we are transferring the accounts from : Is Your Old Server and The server to are transferring the accounts to Your New Server with CentrioHost.

Process On Old Server

1. Log into cPanel account. If you don't know your clients login (if you move entire content of the server with some accounts belongs to clients), use that client username and your master password. Choose Admin Layer.
2. Choose Backup (Do not choose Backup Wizard). Then choose Generate/Download A Full Backup.
3. Select the backup destination to Remote FTP Server.
4. Enter you email address for verification. If you are transferring your client, make sure to enter your own email address, not your client's.
5. Now Enter this :
Remote Server : NEW SERVER's address (you can use domain name or ip address)
Remote User : NEW SERVER's account (you can use NEW SERVER's primary account)
Remote Password : NEW SERVER's account password
PORT : 21
6. That would be enough. Click Generate Backup. This may take some time to back up the files, depending on how large the account is. You should receive an email once it's complete.

- - -

If you have multiple cPanel accounts which needs to be transferred then do the same for all of this cPanel accounts. Make sure all of these backup created on your PRIMARY ACCOUNT that you have with us. After getting confirmation over email ("Full Backup Completed") just login with FTP to your new server and check if all ".tar.gz" extension based backup files successfully uploaded to your PRIMARY ACCOUNT.

Now create a "SUPPORT TICKET" to "PROVISIONS DEPARTMENT" from and inform us to restore these backup files for your account. So we can check and succssfully restore these full backup for you. If you create FULL BACKUP on your PC and upload these ".tar.gz" based backup files manually, thats also fine for us to restore them for you.


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