Top-notch BDIX RDP servers specially designed for critical or resource-intensive applications that need dedicated resources. Get full control of the server with RDP access and choice of control panels. We do not allow to use our BDIX VPS for VPN or Tunnel purpose

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BDIX RDP Server in Bangladesh


BDIX is Bangladesh Internet Exchange and top classes Internet Service Providers have got it. The main purpose of it is to share data among all of ISP users. Remember it again that, BDIX is a server that many ISP companies in Bangladesh have created.

BDIX is basically a local server in Bangladesh and almost all ISP’s are got it connected through Broad Band Connection. It has the main action to make file access faster for all sorts of Bangladeshi internet users. Here Internet users are referred to as users of Local ISP that must be a member of BDIX. By this way, you can access files faster from BDIX’s servers.

As the leading Hosting & Cloud Infrastructure company in Bangladesh, HostSeba offers blazing faster BDIX Hosting solutions. HostSeba maintains private cloud infrastructure at three market leading Datacenters in Dhaka, Bangladesh. All of these Datacenters are connected to BDIX over a fiber link. The average response time between these two Datacenters is only 1-2 milliseconds! For low latency, faster connections to web sites and services in Bangladesh, select any of the following BDIX connected services with Bangladeshi IP Addresses: Web Hosting, VPS, VDS, RDP, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers.

What is BDIX VPS


We are all familiar with the word internet now. And everyone is familiar with the term BDIX. We use corrosive broadband internet. Whenever we go for a broadband internet connection, our first question to any ISP is whether BDIX is connected. Because if we have BDIX connected, we can download movies or files from BDIX hosted server very quickly. Am I telling the truth? You also know that we are providing BDIX Hosting in Bangladesh.

Now if so, is your website connected to the BDIX network? So surely your website visitors can visit so fast? You will definitely want to arrange a quick visit to your website from everyone’s website. So that your visitors can visit easily and quickly and read the content of your web site or buy the product. So host your website in Bangladesh with BDIX Connected Hosting.

BDIX is the first and leading Internet Exchange Point (IXP) of Bangladesh. More than 3,500 ISP in Bangladesh interconnect with BDIX. This reduces the latency between any two factors in Bangladesh from various hundred milliseconds to only 1-20 milliseconds. BDIX saves a huge quantity of global bandwidth. BDIX additionally provides inter-connectivity for IP Telephone provider in Bangladesh. If you are searching to grant fast, dependable, and large bandwidth service to customers in Bangladesh, you need to select a BDIX connected Hosting Server solution.

What is RDP?

RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol, which is a proprietary protocol developed by Microsoft that allows users to connect to and control a remote computer over a network connection. RDP is commonly used for remote administration, remote access to virtual desktops, and remote access to applications.

RDP is built into Microsoft Windows operating systems, and it can also be used on other platforms using third-party software. RDP is often used by IT professionals to remotely access and manage computers in corporate networks, but it can also be used by individual users to access their home or work computer from a remote location. BDIX RDP Service

What does RDP provide you?

  • Remote access: RDP services allow users to access their desktop or applications on a remote computer from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. BDIX Windows VPS
  • Multi-user access: RDP services can allow multiple users to access the same remote computer simultaneously, each with their own unique login credentials and access permissions.
  • Resource sharing: RDP services allow users to share resources such as files, printers, and other peripherals between the local and remote computers. BDIX RDP Server
  • Security: RDP services can provide secure connections by using encryption and authentication protocols to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Scalability: RDP services can be easily scaled up or down depending on the needs of the user, allowing for flexibility in the amount of computing resources required. BDIX Windows VPS

How to utilize Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)?

To use RDP, you first need to make sure that remote access is enabled on the computer you want to connect to. This typically involves configuring the settings in the computer's operating system to allow remote connections via RDP. Once remote access is enabled, you can open the Remote Desktop Connection application on your own computer and enter the IP address or hostname of the remote computer you want to connect to, along with your login credentials. Click "Connect" to initiate the connection, and the Remote Desktop Connection software will establish a secure connection to the remote computer over the network. Once the connection is established, you can interact with the remote computer's graphical user interface as if you were sitting in front of it, using your own keyboard, mouse, and display. When you're finished, you can close the Remote Desktop Connection application or disconnect from the remote computer to end the session. It's important to follow best practices for security when using RDP, such as using strong passwords and enabling encryption to protect sensitive data. Best RDP Vps in Bangladesh

The premier RDP service provider in Bangladesh offers exceptional services

There are several RDP service providers in Bangladesh that offer remote access to servers and computers. You will get a number of providers but you can't get quality services from them as expected. there are several factors to consider when choosing an RDP service provider, such as reliability, speed, security, customer support, and pricing. It's important to research and compare different providers to find one that best meets your needs and budget. Additionally, you may want to read reviews and testimonials from other customers to get an idea of their experiences with the provider you're considering. Ultimately, the best way to determine whether a particular RDP service provider will make you happy is to try their services and evaluate your experience based on your own needs and expectations.

Hostseba is proving RDP service around the world since past many years. Our customers are happy with our services. You can read our reivews from google. Please don't be worried about RDP, we Hostseba is with you. Best RDP Service in Bangladesh

Few Things to Remember When Buying RDP


By considering these factors, you can find an RDP service that meets your needs and helps you to work remotely with ease. Here are some things to remember when buying RDP:


Compare pricing plans of different RDP service providers to find one that fits your budget.

Operating System

Choose an RDP plan that runs on your preferred operating system, such as Windows or Linux.


Look for an RDP service that provides reliable performance and high-speed connections. You can check this by looking for reviews or by testing the service yourself.


Consider the features you need, such as the amount of RAM, storage space, and bandwidth. Choose an RDP plan that suits your requirements.


Make sure the RDP service provides encryption and other security features to protect your data and ensure safe remote access.

Customer Support

Choose an RDP service that provides good customer support, with prompt and helpful responses to any issues or questions you may have.


Look for an RDP service provider with a good reputation in terms of reliability and customer satisfaction. Check reviews and testimonials from other customers to get an idea of their experiences.

User Interface

Check the user interface of the RDP service provider to ensure it is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Advantages of utilizing RDP services from Bangladesh

Using Bangladeshi RDP services can offer several benefits for individuals and businesses. One of the primary advantages is faster connection speed due to lower latency and proximity to local networks. Additionally, using local RDP service providers allows for local support, which can be helpful for addressing any issues or questions related to the service. As a Bangladeshi RDP service provider, Hostseba also provide a level of familiarity and ease of communication due to the shared language and cultural understanding. Moreover, local RDP service providers may offer more competitive pricing plans and customized solutions that cater to the specific needs of their customers. By using Bangladeshi RDP services, individuals and businesses can enjoy reliable and secure remote connections for their work and operations. Best Windows Vps Hosting in Bangladesh

Best BDIX RDP Service in Bangladesh

  • Faster Connection Speed: By using an RDP service located in Bangladesh, you can experience faster connection speeds and lower latency due to the proximity to local networks. This can result in a smoother and more efficient remote work experience.
  • Local Support: Bangladeshi RDP service providers offer local support that can be helpful in addressing any issues or questions related to the service. This can offer a level of convenience and ease of communication due to the shared language and cultural understanding.
  • Competitive Pricing: Bangladeshi RDP service providers offer competitive pricing plans that can be more affordable compared to providers located in other countries. This can be especially beneficial for small businesses or individuals on a budget. Cheap RDP Service in Bangladesh
  • Customized Solutions: Bangladeshi RDP service providers offer customized solutions that cater to the specific needs of their customers. This can be helpful for businesses or individuals with unique requirements for their remote work operations.
  • Reliable and Secure Connections: Bangladeshi RDP service providers offer reliable and secure remote connections, ensuring the safety and privacy of your data. This is particularly important for businesses dealing with sensitive information or operating in industries with strict compliance regulations. RDP Service in Bangladesh

Few Factors to ponder before purchasing RDP


By considering these factors, you can choose an RDP service that meets your needs and provides a reliable and secure remote connection.


Consider the location of the RDP service provider and whether they have servers in the location that you need. This can affect the latency and speed of the remote connection.


Ensure that the RDP service is compatible with the software applications and tools you need to use. For example, if you need to use specific software that only runs on Windows, you'll need an RDP service that provides a Windows-based server.


Consider whether you need an RDP service that can scale up or down based on your changing needs. This is particularly important if you plan to use RDP for hosting applications or websites that may experience fluctuations in traffic.


Consider the purpose for which you need RDP, whether it's for remote work, data analysis, or hosting applications. This will help you choose an RDP plan that provides the features and resources you need.

Windows VPS Control Portal

Total control of Windows RDP VPS from this advanced panel.

All the Windows VPS are accompanied by a user-friendly control portal for seamless Windows VPS server management.

  • One Click Boot/Reboot/Shutdown
  • Quick & Easy Re-installation
  • Console/VNC access to repair Linux VPS
  • Live tracking of VPS resources - disk/memory
  • VPS Traffic Usage Graphs

Our RDP VPS services grant you access to your desktop and other devices at any time, from any location, and on any device you choose. These locations and devices allow you to administer your domain and other resources. Best Windows Vps

What Sets HostSeba BDIX RDP Server Apart?

  • Using our Remote Dekstop server will increase your efficiency.
  • It takes less than an hour to get started on your RDP server.
  • Your data from malware and hackers with our VPS RDP.
  • Our RDP hosting service is one of the most affordable due to the absence of hardware maintenance and other fees.
  • Remotely store and access your files with our Remote Dekstop service.
  • For special needs, we have special plans.
  • Focus your time managing your business by allowing us to manage your server.
  • Our RDP hosting service is one of the most affordable due to the absence of hardware maintenance and other fees. RDP Price in Bangladesh

Why Buy BDIX Server?


The biggest reason behind using BDIX hosting is that Bangladeshi users can easily access information from Bangladeshi servers. As soon as Bangladeshi people can access the website’s information using this server, people from outside the country will not be able to do it quickly. If your website’s traffic is Bangladeshi, then you can use BDIX hosting for your website.

Bangladeshi visitors can easily browse your website without any hassle. This hosting service will provide you with better facilities than any other hosting. But if your website is of the international standard, then we would like to advise you not to use BDIX server. In this case, you can use a good quality international hosting server to target global audiences.



BDIX VPS is basically perfect for Bangladesh Traffic based websites and wants to use the website with security. Moreover, BDIX VPS hosting costs a little more. There are many hosting companies offer BDIX hosting at a low price, and we will surely tell you that they can not be standard and reliable. As a beginner, you can use this low-cost service, but it may not be beneficial for your site because there is no guarantee of good service and security. Our BDIX VPS price is so affordable to buy but not so less because we all the time provide quality services which are not easy to do at such a price. If you want to get proof, you can check our buyers ratings.

BDIX RDP Features

The world is moving to cloud and so we are. Take advantage of Cloud Hosting with our simplified solution.

20x Faster Performance

Enjoy dedicated performance on bdix hosting. It’s 20x faster than normal shared hosting.

Customized Environment

You can customize your server environment as per your preference.

Global Internet Connectivity

Even if the global internet web route in Bangladesh is down, your website will stay active.

Redundant Server Environment

Our redundant server environment and cloud technology ensures maximum uptime and availability.



Remote Desktop Protocol ( RDP ), or remote desktop connection, is a protocol that allows connection between a terminal and a server. RDP servers are used for remote server connection, or we can say you can establish a secure session with a windows server, and you can control the remote desktop from a GUI.

KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is a special server administration tool and full virtualization solution for Linux. With a help of this tool, You can simultaneously manage several virtual machines and their capabilities (memory, speed, bandwidth, etc.), which allows us to configure the desired VPS specifications very quickly.
KVM helps to control all of the VPS simultaneously, therefore, ensures faster and more professional customer service.

Bangladesh based business organization or services should avail BDIS Hosting. Like local e-commerce, online newspaper, or any kind of local business website holders should have BDIX Hosting.

Intuitive GUI, advanced software, strong support, high security, and speed. It’s easy to use even for someone not working in IT because it’s similar to the Windows OS. With dedicated resources and complete freedom over the server, users and administrators can effortlessly customize their virtual environment to better suit their needs.

Saves International Bandwidth
BDIX Connectivity will save your server International Bandwidth. Its seem use local bandwidth. It means when one user form an ISP sends a file to another user in another ISP – the data does not need to travel out of country. Low Latency

If you have BDIX Connectivity your site running through very low Latency. In case of Local Traffic data first goes to the BDIX from the source ISP & BDIX routes the data to destines ISP. Latency will be 7 ms to 9 ms.

High Data Volume

If you want Major Data Transfer, BDIX Connectivity will help. Because of Inter Exchange You will get best transfer rate. Currently BDIX provide 1 Gbps Connectivity. That will provide you best High Data Volume Transfer rate.


If you have Redundancy BDIX will support it. If international Connection interrupted BDIX will help you to maintain live your service. Currently BDIX Connectivity Running with Solid Platform & it’s up time 99.999%.

Have Windows 10 Pro. Select Start> Settings> System> Remote Desktop and Enable Remote Desktop. Write down the name of this Personal Computer in How to connect to this PC.

Windows Client is used to establishing a secure and fast connection with Windows desktops and applications from another Windows device. Establish fast and secure connections with Windows RDP Server. Also, you can get a windows rdp server free from us!

The amount of RAM, CPU, storage that is allowed to be used for your hosting is called resource together.

For those who are not familiar with data center services, it might be difficult to understand what NVMe (Non-volatile memory express) is.

Popularly speaking, it is a process of connecting SSD drive over PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) connector in order to extend the capabilities of a server. PCIe connector's data transfer rate is about 6 times higher than that of an ordinary connector's which normally connects SSD or HDD drives in servers and computers. It is obvious that with faster data transfer other hosting plan indicators are also improving. Such memory expansion contributes to a better, more reliable and more satisfactory operation of a server. Data transmitted to a processor speeds up to 30 Gbps (SAS/SATA SSD) which is up to 6 times faster than over the SATA III interface.

You are at the right place to purchase a vps hosting! You can see the shared hosting packages from here.

It is very simple way! Just choose a hosting package you like. Then run your website by purchasing hosting.

Just cool! At first, you have to choose a hosting package you like most. Then provide your access information of you previous hosting with HOSTSEBA team. We will migrate your website.

With VPS hosting, your web hosting provider installs a virtual layer on top of the operating system. The web hosting company does this by using a virtualization technology that divides one server into different compartments with virtual walls.

Each of these virtual walls exists as a separate compartment, allowing you full private access within that server where you can store your files, install your own operating system, and install software.

With the virtualization technology, it’s possible to have a fully private and secure server with powerful CPU, lots of RAM, unmetered bandwidth, and the freedom and flexibility to run your compartment how you want to.

Shared hosting is the cheaper option where you’re sharing one server alongside other websites. You receive a set number of resources but are able to sustain a small website in low price. On the other hand, VPS hosting gives you more freedom and performance but it is a bit more expensive.

Yes you can, Anytime you can upgrade your plan without any downtime.

Some of the benefits of buying an RDP from HostSeba are: reliable and fast performance, low latency, advanced security features, 24/7 technical support, affordable pricing plans.

Yes, you can buy only hosting without a domain from HOSTSEBA.

After the purchase is complete, it usually takes less than 15 minutes to set up and get started with the RDP.

Yes, you can transfer your old website to HOSTSEBA at any time. HOSTSEBA will migrate your website for free.

Yes, you can use your existing programs and software with an RDP from HostSeba, provided it is compatible with the RDP.

You you have development knowledge, you can make a website with WordPress or any other CMS or custom code. If you don't know how to develop a website yourself then you can contact a developer for developing your website. Even you can contact a developer from here. You will give you a best support for having a website too.

You can buy an RDP from HostSeba by visiting the website and selecting the plan that suits your needs. After selecting a plan, you will be directed to the payment page and your RDP will be set up and ready to use.

You can pay us by using Bkash, Rocket, Nagad or any bank other account! Even you can pay with any international payment method. Moreover, we allow every payment system you can.

Sure, you can! You can upgrade your VPS Package at any time.

No, there are no additional fees after purchasing an RDP from HostSeba.

No, you don’t need to have any technical knowledge to set up or use the RDP. HostSeba provides easy to understand instructions and 24/7 support to help users get started quickly.

Off course You can! If you do not like the services of HOSTSEBA then you can transfer your website from HOSTSEBA to any other place at any time.

Yes, HostSeba offers static IP address options for RDPs, depending on the plan you have selected.