HostSeba provides the best Bangladeshi VPS at a cheap price. Host your Website in Tier III data center in Bangladesh. From Personal to Enterprise, We Have the Features and Service You Deserve! Find the best packeges for you. Which is with High-performance Linux VPS for your Websites and Web Applications. We do not allow to use our BDIX VPS for VPN or Tunnel purpose

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BDIX VPS Included


These features are included with all of our BDIX VPS plans.

Upto 10 Gbps Port Speed

Full Root Access

VNC Access

Instant Activation

KVM Virtualization


Virtualizor Panel

Reboot Shutdown Access

1 Click OS Re-install

1 Free Dedicated IP

Server local Bangladesh

99.9% Server Uptime Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee!

Sorry! We don't accept Money Back Guarantee for VPS Hosting!

Why BDIX VPS Best?


We are all familiar with the word internet now. And everyone is familiar with the term BDIX VPS. We use corrosive broadband internet. Whenever we go for a broadband internet connection, our first question to any ISP is whether BDIX is connected. Because if we have BDIX connected, we can download movies or files from BDIX hosted server very quickly. Am I telling the truth? You also know that we are providing BDIX Managed VPS.

Now if so, is your website connected to the BDIX network? So surely your website visitors can visit so fast? You will definitely want to arrange a quick visit to your website from everyone’s website. So that your visitors can visit easily and quickly and read the content of your web site or buy the product. So host your website in Bangladesh with BDIX Connected Hosting.

BDIX is the first and leading Internet Exchange Point (IXP) of Bangladesh. More than 3,500 ISP in Bangladesh interconnect with BDIX. This reduces the latency between any two factors in Bangladesh from various hundred milliseconds to only 1-20 milliseconds. BDIX saves a huge quantity of global bandwidth. BDIX additionally provides inter-connectivity for IP Telephone provider in Bangladesh. If you are searching to grant fast, dependable, and large bandwidth service to customers in Bangladesh, you need to select a BDIX connected Hosting Server solution.

What is BDIX VPS?


BDIX is Bangladesh Internet Exchange and top classes Internet Service Providers have got it. The main purpose of it is to share data among all of ISP users. Remember it again that, BDIX is a server that many ISP companies in Bangladesh have created.

BDIX is basically a local server in Bangladesh and almost all ISP’s are got it connected through Broad Band Connection. It has the main action to make file access faster for all sorts of Bangladeshi internet users. Here Internet users are referred to as users of Local ISP that must be a member of BDIX. By this way, you can access files faster from BDIX’s servers.

As the leading Hosting & Cloud Infrastructure company in Bangladesh, HostSeba offers blazing faster BDIX Hosting solutions. HostSeba maintains private cloud infrastructure at three market leading Datacenters in Dhaka, Bangladesh. All of these Datacenters are connected to BDIX over a fiber link. The average response time between these two Datacenters is only 1-2 milliseconds! For low latency, faster connections to web sites and services in Bangladesh, select any of the following BDIX connected services with Bangladeshi IP Addresses: Web Hosting, VPS, VDS, RDP, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers.

How Does BDIX VPS Work?


The major purpose to make use of BDIX VPS hosting is for its advantages. Considering security, flexibility, performance, it is much better and far ahead of BDIX web hosting. BDIX VPS is the best for getting more storage facilities, including fast and reliable server speed. The users can access your websites rapidly even if the internet speed is slow. Suppose the international internet in Bangladesh is discontinued but your site will not be off. By this way, you can understand what the main advantage of this hosting is. Even the price of this hosting is not so high. Everyday a good number of websites are being hosted targeting local visitors. BDIX Connected Hosting is a felicity for those websites where most of the target audience is from Bangladesh. There are different Bangladeshi hosting providers that offer BDIX VPS hosting. However, considering the quality service, resourceful packages, and customer support, you can buy this service from HOSTSEBA. As we are providing a BDIX package with other required features from other hosting companies.

There is one thing that sets HOSTSEBA apart from other companies. We have stable server which always gives you 99.99% uptime and the ability to launch the service as soon as the payment is successful. Our friendly customer support team is always ready to serve you if you have any questions or issues. When Bangladeshi traffic visits a site on the BDIX network, it will be connected to the server in 1-3 ms. So, your website will be loading faster in the browser and you must feel as if you are browsing on your own PC.

BDIX Managed VPS in Bangladesh


BDIX is one of the most powerful hosting facilities powered by Bangladeshi Data Center. This ensures the fastest loading time, 99.9% guaranteed uptime with super-fast data sharing facilities. Our BDIX FTP server is one of the fastest in the country. HOSTSEBA offers the best SSD BDIX web hosting in Bangladesh for all its clients. Considering the facilities and features regarding other web hosting this is the best web hosting if you are looking for Bangladeshi Data Center. You will get unlimited subdomain with all the premium hosting features you need to run your website. The pricing of the packages are the lowest if you compare it with the others.

Basically BDIX VPS Hosting is the perfect solution for Bangladeshi news portals, e-commerce businesses, blog sites, and high-traffic websites. It is quality and advanced in all respects compared to other hosting services. HOSTSEBA’s BDIX VPS packages are great for those looking for the best-performing hosting solution. We offer both BDIX managed vps and unmanaged vps packages with all the prominences you need.

Basic Difference Between BDIX Web Hosting vs BDIX VPS

Although BDIX vps hosting has many advantages, you need to know some differences between BDIX web hosting and BDIX vps hosting.

There are some difference price between BDIX Web Hosting and BDIX VPS Hosting. Generally VPS hosting costs more than Web hosting. So you can choose it as monthly, yearly, 2 years, or 3 years. You'll get 35% discount if you take any term other than monthly as we provide cheap VPS in Bangladesh. On the other side, BDIX VPS can be taken monthly with more components, including dedicated resources, full root access, instant activation, and the price is within your budget. Cheap BDIX VPS.

The users of VPS, will get the admin rights on the server, but web hosting users will only have user rights, limiting applications’ installation and customization. By removing the limitations associated with BDIX web hosting, VPS hosting gives you the flexibility and capability of a dedicated server by allocating dedicated resources. Software configuration and customization are possible as users get administrative rights to VPS hosting.

As you know BDIX hosting provides maximum amount of speed to your website, there are some security issues exist with normal BDIX hosting. Because it works like a Shared Hosting. On the other hand, in terms of security, BDIX VPS keeps your information safe as it is a better web hosting.

BDIX VPS hosting is definitely a scable and flexible server and users will have comfortable to use it. And We provide best BDIX VPS in Bangladesh.

Sorry, We don't have Money-back guarantee option for BDIX VPS hosting plan.

The Benefits of BDIX VPS

The benefits of BDIX VPS hosting needs to be taken into account as it gives you better performance than other hosting plans with an affordable cost.

  • BDIX VPS Server allows us to create servers with dedicated IP. A website often generates visitor traffic. Having a personal virtual server on the VPS server does not put too much pressure on the original configuration to handle high traffic. That's why BDIX VPS is perfect for high-traffic websites or apps.
  • Bangladeshi visitors can access the BDIX server hosted website over the BDIXs Exchange Point thus no international bandwidth is required.
  • While accessing the BDIX hosting hosted website the routing in between the visitor and the server used to happens over the BDIX’s Exchange Point thus the loading speed of the website is super fast due to low latency due to low ping.
  • As around 3500+ Bangladeshi internet service providers (ISP, LSP, Mobile Operators, etc) are connected to the BIDX all around the Bangladesh BDIX hosting hosted websites loads faster than the website hosted outside of Bangladesh.
  • If ever there are any issues happens on the International Internet access point on the ISP/IIG etc. side, your BDIX hosting hosted website will work normally all over the country at the full speed. So, your local visitors from Bangladesh will not face any interruption.

The Disadvantages of BDIX VPS


Of course, BDIX VPS hosting has so many advantages, but it has few disadvantages too. Now we will take a look at the difficulties bellow:

  • The only considerable disadvantage of BDIX hosting is that if ever there are any issues happens on the International Internet access point on the ISP/IIG etc. side, your BDIX hosting hosted website can’t be accessed outside from Bangladesh.
  • As around 3500+ Bangladeshi internet service providers (ISP, LSP, Mobile Operators, etc) are connected to the BIDX all around the Bangladesh BDIX hosting hosted websites loads faster than the website hosted outside of Bangladesh.
  • Due to some bad practice made on the Local Internet Service Provider’s (LSP) side on their routing table some times BDIX hosted website is not accessible, which needs to be fixed by the visitors by contacting their LSP. But the good news about this problem is around 1% only.

Few things to think before buying BDIX VPS

No matter what kind of hosting package you buy, there are some things you must consider first, as these will give you a better idea of the hosting service and the provider. So when you are buying BDIX VPS hosting, keep the following things in mind.

Do you want to consider the difference between the new price and the renewal price? There are many hosting companies offer this at a lower price than the regular price but their renewal price is much more higher. For this reason, you can simply use our best BDIX VPS becuase we have almost same price.And there are no hidden cost!

Check if your hosting provider uses the original license, as many of the top companies in Bangladesh use crack licenses. They offer hosting services at very low prices as there is no license cost, and naturally, everyone is interested in getting that service. HOSTSEBA is best hosting provider in Bangladesh and we never uses a crack license, so we guarantee to provide you with quality service.

Before looking for a cheap BDIX VPS in Bangladesh, ask what security system has been used. Hosting service providers offer free SSL with the packages that encrypt the data exchanged between the browser and the server. Even if someone accesses the data for some reason, he can see the encrypted data without seeing the original data. Moreover, security-related tools like paid firewalls can be used.

Be sure to check the reviews from the hosting provider you want to buy from, and how long it has been in the market, etc. If you see the reviews of a few top companies, you can find that most of the customers are dissatisfied with the support of the providers. It means that although they provide good service, their customer support is not so strong. HOSTSEBA’s Service features and customer services are the best VPS in Bangladesh than all other top companies in all respects.

Check if your hosting provider is offering a free trial; if it is there, check out the trial. We usually offer a free trial on BDIX VPS hosting, which gives you a full conception of our service.

VPS In Bangladesh


The main reason to use BDIX VPS hosting is its advantages. Although it has some disadvantages, they are not so big. The BDIX VPS server is much more reliable than web hosting if compared to other hosting options. It becomes a bit difficult to target Bangladeshi visitors on a normal VPS hosting because it works more globally.

There are plenty of good hosting companies in Bangladesh. But should find a company that offers quality service. For example in HOSTSEBA you can get packages of different prices for managed and unmanaged BDIX VPS servers. Our BDIX hosting server location is in our Dhaka data center. Besides, if you choose any other local company, you must do well research about that company.

As your cost for a VPS server is not much low, you should check the features carefully to know if they can meet your needs.

Since a server keeps the website active and alive, there is no need to compromise in the context of security and reliability. Lack of better performance and user-friendliness of your website leads to fear of discrediting your business and losing customers. Bangladeshi VPS.



The biggest reason behind using BDIX VPS is that Bangladeshi users can easily access information from Bangladeshi server. As soon as Bangladeshi people can access the website’s information using this server, people from outside the country will not be able to do it quickly. If your website’s traffic is Bangladeshi, then you can use BDIX hosting for your website.

Bangladeshi visitors can easily browse your website without any hassle. This hosting service will provide you with better facilities than any other hosting. But if your website is of the international standard, then we would like to advise you not to use BDIX server. In this case, you can use a good quality international hosting server to target global audiences.

Bangladeshi VPS Price


BDIX VPS is basically perfect for Bangladeshi Traffic based websites and wants to use the website with security. Moreover, BDIX VPS hosting costs a little more. There are many hosting companies offer BDIX hosting at a low price, and we will surely tell you that they can not be standard and reliable. As a beginner, you can use this low-cost service, but it may not be beneficial for your site because there is no guarantee of good service and security. Our BDIX VPS hosting price is so affordable to buy but not so less because we all the time provide quality services which are not easy to do at such a price. If you want to get proof, you can check our buyers ratings.

BDIX VPS Features

The world is moving to cloud and so we are. Take advantage of Cloud Hosting with our simplified solution.

200x Faster Performance

Enjoy dedicated performance on bdix hosting. It’s 200x faster than normal shared hosting.

Customized Environment

You can customize your server environment as per your preference.

Global Internet Connectivity

Even if the global internet web route in Bangladesh is down, your website will stay active.

Redundant Server Environment

Our redundant server environment and cloud technology ensures maximum uptime and availability.



The servers or networks that are connected to this Internet exchange point, the hosts that are part of that server or network are known as BDIX hosting. The main advantage of BDIX hosting is that the site hosted on this server will be visited by Bangladeshi users up to 200 times faster. One of the reasons is that when Bangladeshi users visit a site on the BDIX network, they will visit directly without crossing the international routing.

Bangladesh based business organization or services should avail BDIS Hosting. Like local e-commerce, online newspaper, or any kind of local business website holders should have BDIX Hosting.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a hosting service that uses virtualization technology to provide you with dedicated (private) resources on a server with multiple users. Only you will use and you will be given root access, which allows you to customize and run the program you need.

Most Bangladeshi e-commerce and newspaper sites are already using BDIX hosting for speed and performance.

VPS servers are created using KVM technology. As a result, each user gets dedicated resources. As a result, the performance of your VPS is good and the user experience is good.

The amount of RAM, CPU, storage that is allowed to be used for your hosting is called resource together.

Saves International Bandwidth
BDIX Connectivity will save your server International Bandwidth. Its seem use local bandwidth. It means when one user form an ISP sends a file to another user in another ISP – the data does not need to travel out of country. Low Latency

If you have BDIX Connectivity your site running through very low Latency. In case of Local Traffic data first goes to the BDIX from the source ISP & BDIX routes the data to destines ISP. Latency will be 7 ms to 9 ms.

High Data Volume

If you want Major Data Transfer, BDIX Connectivity will help. Because of Inter Exchange You will get best transfer rate. Currently BDIX provide 1 Gbps Connectivity. That will provide you best High Data Volume Transfer rate.


If you have Redundancy BDIX will support it. If international Connection interrupted BDIX will help you to maintain live your service. Currently BDIX Connectivity Running with Solid Platform & it’s up time 99.999%.

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With VPS hosting, your web hosting provider installs a virtual layer on top of the operating system. The web hosting company does this by using a virtualization technology that divides one server into different compartments with virtual walls.

Each of these virtual walls exists as a separate compartment, allowing you full private access within that server where you can store your files, install your own operating system, and install software.

With the virtualization technology, it’s possible to have a fully private and secure server with powerful CPU, lots of RAM, unmetered bandwidth, and the freedom and flexibility to run your compartment how you want to.

Shared hosting is the cheaper option where you’re sharing one server alongside other websites. You receive a set number of resources but are able to sustain a small website in low price. On the other hand, VPS hosting gives you more freedom and performance but it is a bit more expensive.

Yes you can, Anytime you can upgrade your plan without any downtime.

CDN is a Content Delivery Network that speeds up your website loading speed and keeps website security strong.

Yes, you can buy only hosting without a domain from HOSTSEBA.

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