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How to verify email address for domain name registration?

verify email

If you don’t know how to verify email address for domain name registration.  Here is the process to verify your email address.

Domain Suspended :

If you’re facing a suspended domain issue while trying to verify your email, you’ll need to take a few steps to resolve the problem. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:


Step 1.  Let’s go to  to checking  domain name server.

Checking DNS

NOTE : If you are facing the same notification  as verification -hold.suspended at the name server records, that means your doamin has been suspended for email verification.

Suspended Domain

Step 2.  Opening your Gmail and checking Inbox/Spam folder.  I couldn’t find in inbox this verification mail so i have checked also spam folder then finally i have got this mail one more times. Click on the verification mail as a enter below screenshot.

Verification Mail

Step 3.  After clicking on the verification mail , i have got  the interface for confirmation via the emailed link.

Emailed link


Step 4.  Finally i have got the emailed link to verify my email address with the doamain . Simply click on the emailed link to  get the notification your email address has been verified successfully like the screenshot .


Step 5 :  Now we need to wait 24 hours t0 update domain name server.  Already  i have expend the time now my website is working fine.


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