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Premium VZ in Bangladesh

Premium OpenVZ PLAN!

Server CPU RAM IPv4 Storage Bandwidth Price Order
ServerOpenVZ SSD 1GB CPU1 Core (Dedicated) RAM1 GB IPv41 Storage40 GB SSD (RAID Protected) Bandwidth1 TB/mo Price$14.99/mo OrderPurchase Now
ServerOpenVZ SSD 2GB CPU2 Core (Dedicated) RAM2 GB IPv41 Storage80 GB SSD (RAID Protected) Bandwidth2 TB/mo Price$35.99/mo OrderPurchase Now
ServerOpenVZ SSD 4GB CPU4 Core (Dedicated) RAM4 GB IPv41 Storage150 GB SSD (RAID Protected) Bandwidth4 TB/mo Price$50.99/mo OrderPurchase Now
ServerOpenVZ SSD 8GB CPU4 Core (Dedicated) RAM8 GB IPv41 Storage250 GB SSD (RAID Protected) Bandwidth5 TB/mo Price$85.99/mo OrderPurchase Now
ServerOpenVZ SSD 16GB CPU8 Core (Dedicated) RAM16 GB IPv41 Storage500 GB SSD (RAID Protected) Bandwidth10 TB/mo Price$155.99/mo OrderPurchase Now

Fast and Secure Budget OpenVZ Server Features

Solid-state Drive

Up to 20x faster than traditional hard drives, solid- state drives have faster read/write speeds and improved uptime. This means faster delivery of your content

Enhanced cPanel

Our popular VPS configuration uses our enhanced cPanel environment with a richer feature set than our competition.

Instant Provisioning

Most VPS solutions require hours or even days to provision. With our VPS, you get up and running in mere seconds!

Free Dedicated IP

Each VPS comes with 1 IP address. You can purchase additional IPs for $5 per IP per month directly in our control panel. IP addresses can be purchased upon request.

Guaranteed Server Resources

We use only high quality, high performing servers. Thanks to our OpenVZ virtualization, any resources you purchase are guaranteed to always be available.

Total security as standard

Our servers are secured to the highest possible standards, using hardware and software firewalls alongside our own in-house security package.

Featured Operating Systems

whm screen

VPS hosting platform with the maximum speed & stability

The ultimate in website performance, security, and control

Are you looking for Full root access, dedicated CPU and SSD storage with OpenVZ, XEN, KVM, Windows, all virtualization VPS Hosting packages? You are here in right page to order for High-Quality VPS Hosting at an affordable rate. Using an SSD–powered web hosting server can be a huge benefit as far as web site enhancement is concerned. A site or web app held on an SSD will load and function with considerably faster speed than a web page or an app located on a standard hard disk drive. With multiple operating system installations available, design, develop and deploy your custom, scalable, secure cloud environment within minutes!

Our virtual private servers are built from the ground using all SSD storage. Enjoy increased power, flexibility, and control for your websites.