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Budget Dedicated Server in Bangladesh

Budget Dedicated Server PLAN!

Server CPU RAM Storage Bandwidth Price Order
ServerIntel Xeon X3220 CPU2.4GHZ Quad Core RAM8 GB Storage2x-1 TB HDD or 2x-240 GB SSD Bandwidth5000 GB Price$129.99/mo OrderPurchase Now
ServerIntel Dual Xeon E5630 CPU(2) 2.13GHZ Quad Core RAM12 GB Storage2x-1 TB HDD or 2x-240 GB SSD Bandwidth5000 GB Price$199.99/mo OrderPurchase Now
ServerIntel Dual Xeon E5520 - HW CPU(2) 2.13GHZ Quad Core RAM12 GB Storage4x-1 TB HDD or 2x-240 GB SSD Bandwidth5000 GB Price$269.99/mo OrderPurchase Now
ServerIntel Dual Xeon E5630 - NODE CPU(2) 2.13GHZ Quad Core RAM24 GB Storage8x-1 TB HDD or 2x-240 GB SSD Bandwidth10000 GB Price$429.99/mo OrderPurchase Now

Fast and Secure Budget Dedicated Server Features

Server Monitoring

We provides several tools to help you track the status of your machines and automatically trigger an intervention of a technician in the datacenter.

Server Management

All the cheap dedicated servers we provide are unmanaged. For non-techies, server management option is available at a nominal cost.

Free Dedicated IP

Each Dedicated Server comes with 1 IP address. You can purchase additional IPs for $3 per month. IP addresses can be purchased upon request.

Remote Power Reboots

You'll get complete power controls via our Synergy Control Panel, which interfaces directly with your server for remote power management.

Reliable Hardware

The most powerful and fully customization configurations Dedicated Servers, specifically designed for critical or resource-intensive environments.

Total security as standard

Our servers are secured to the highest possible standards, using hardware and software firewalls alongside our own in-house security package.

Featured Operating Systems

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Powering Your Business Potential

Some businesses need the reliability, stability and flexibility only a dedicated server can provide. With One Server Hosting's dedicated server service, your business is powered by a server exclusively dedicated to your web-based operations. This offers complete control over the environment you are working in and frees you from the overhead and speed challenges often associated with shared web hosting. The flexibility of managing your own stable dedicated server provides a platform to conduct multiple business operations, such as storing large amounts of data, creating a testing environment, or powering your application server. Bypass costly time delays and manage your critical web-based operations, or applications, with a dedicated server.

Some types of online businesses simply cannot function properly without the power and features provided by a dedicated server. Other businesses need the stability and flexibility of a dedicated server to manage a variety of web-based operational needs.